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Fangming NewM attend the standard review conference about Slide Plate Brick (Embedded ZrO2 Ceramic Insert)

September 19, 2018

From Aug.22nd to Aug.24th, 2018, Four Product Standards Review Conference, which was organized by the National Refractories Standards Committee, co-organized by Tangshan Shichuang Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. These four standards include "Functional Refractories for Continuous Casting" ,which was responsible for revision by Sinosteel Luoyang Refractory Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., "Slide Gate Bricks" and "Casting Bricks and Well Blocks" which was responsible for revision by Henan Rongjin High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd.,and so on. More than 50 representatives from 38 companies attended the conference. including the National Refractories Standards Committee, Production factories, Design company, Colleges and Universities and Inspection Organizations.

the standard review conference

At the opening ceremony of the conference, Professor Wang Xinfu, chairman of the Product Sub-technical Committee in the National Refractories Standard Committee and vice-chairman of Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories Research Institute Co., Ltd., made the speech. He put forward specific requirements for the review conference and expressed sincere thanks to the leaders, members, experts and co-organizers of the conference. The conference was hosted by Mr Peng Xigao, Secretary General of the national Refractories Standard Committee.

The main technical contents of revision and discussion for the four standards includes: For the "Functional Refractories for Continuous Casting" , Comparing to the previous edition, revised the standard name, adjusted the scope of applicatio scale, add and adjust of the product code and standard. "Slide Gate Bricks" ,comparing to the previous edition, revised the standard application scale; delete the HBLT-65 brand slide plate brick, add the HBMLT-80 and HBXQG brand slide plate bricks; adjustthe carbon content, porosity and cold compressive strength standard of some products.

As the main manufacturer and supplier of embedded zirconia ceramic slide plate , Zirconia Ring products in China domestic market, our company (Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd.) attended the discussion of standard review about the embedded zirconia ceramic sliding board, zirconia ring for the HBXQG brand composite slide gate plate.

The conference acquired a complete success.

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