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Zirconia Atomising nozzles

Zirconia  Ceramic Atomising Nozzle with High Density and Purity

Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd. (Short for Fangming NewM) Continuously R&D, manufacturing the zirconia atomising nozzles for use in the Powder Metallurgy industry. Our Zirconia Atomising Nozzles are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, many to the requirements of the oversea clients.

Besides of the zircona atomising nozzle, we are also producing the different qualities of the longer working hours Zirconia Ceramic Tundish Metering Nozzle, Zirconia Ceramic Tundish Exchangable Nozzle, Zirconia Insert, Zirconia Bore, etc. mainly used in the continuous casting of steel billets and steel ingots.

1.Our Zirconia ceramic atomising nozzles has below features:

  1). High Purity and high density,MgO Stablized Zirconia Ceramic atomising nozzles,

  2).High strength and chemical stability at high temperature state,

  3).Very good thermal shock stability,

  4).Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance, 

  5).Do not wetting in contact with steel alloys.

3.Size: now we can supply the up middle hole diamter of not less than 5mm series size of the Zirconia Ceramic Tundish Metering Nozzle. We can also produced the different types of the zirconia atomising nozzles according to the buyer's request of the drawing and size. 

Zhengzhou FangMing Hi-Temp. Ceramic New Material

4.Packing: International Sea or Air Standard packing:Fumigation sign or free-fumigation wooden box with inner carton and protecting material around the carton. 

5.Application: Applied in the Powder Metallurgy industry, including the alloy powder production, nickel based alloy, aluminium, ferrous and copper alloys industries.






Chemical Composition and Physical Properties

Model No. 

























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