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Converter slag-stopping system slide plate and zirconia ring

Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Goutang Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province.It is the technology enterprise of largest professionally R&D, producing, maketing of high efficient rare composite oxide composite ceramic material and products  in China mainland.Its  trademark is FUNMEET. It is a scientific and technological enterprise in Henan Province, Talent Attraction to Zhengzhou, 1125 Talent Attraction Planning Enterprise, Henan Province famous brand enterprise, the sponsor of Xinmi New Material Industry Association. The company now has assets of over 42 million yuan, more than 40 sets of automatic production and testing equipments, have the capacity of  producing ultra-high temperature (1800-2700 ° C) new rare earth composite oxide ceramic materials and products of 2,000 tons.

The company are mainly producing the high-efficiency functional refractory materials in the metallurgy industry - applied to ladle,tundish furnace  flow controlled (steel liquid) metering nozzle, quick change (changable)  nozzle, upper nozzle, lower nozzle  with long working life (High Efficient ) zirconia composite ceramic nozzle Core( Nozzle Insert); ladle, converter taphole slag sliding plate with high efficient (high sliding time) zirconia composite ceramic sliding plate core, zirconia ring and  insert; amorphous alloy field - metal aluminum, copper, iron, and other amorphous alloy powder atomizing nozzles; artificial crystals (sapphire, laser glass) growth industry - rare earth composite oxide solid solution ceramic super high-temp. thermal field, and other high grade composite new material products.

Our zirconia ring is mainly inserted in the alumina body, matched with the composite slide gate plate (made with zirconia insert and alumina body), mainly used in the converter taphole slag-stopping system. Using our zirconia ring inserted in the alumina body, and our high performance composite slide gate plate, the sliding time can be increased to 16-18times based on the carbon steel type, even higher times according to the different steel type and desired working conditions. 

Matched with the alumina or corundum body, and work with the composite slide gate plate, it is widely used in the converter taphole slag-stopping system. 















Converter slag-stopping slide plate matched zirconia ring 










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