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Ladle, tundish nozzle with zirconia core

Product description

Our company adopts high-quality raw materials, advanced technology, numerical control production equipment and strict systematic quality control & follow-up process, to produce high-performance, high-purity and high-density products with good scouring resistance, erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. PMO1 water inlet is generally used for 50h, solving the problems such as blocking, cracking and diameter expansion. The core of PMD nozzle is in coke yellow and has higher density and better scouring resistance, erosion resistance and thermal stability. General water inlets are used for 60-70h, and the sizing nozzle can work 24-35h on the basis of non-expanding diameter within 24h.

The sizing nozzle is a key functional refractory component for billet continuous casting, and its quality can directly affect smooth running of the continuous casting process.

The sizing nozzle has good scouring resistance, erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance.

The inlaid sizing nozzle with a zirconia content of 95% is low-cost and has good thermal shock resistance.

We often provide products including water inlet for continuous-casting tundish, water outlet for fast tundish changing and sizing nozzle for billet continuous casting, etc.

Application range

flow control of steelmaking - continuous casting ladle and tundish tapping hole.

Physical and chemical indicators

Raw Material


























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