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Super long working life thermal Field for sapphire crystal growth by kyropoulos method

Super Long working life thermal Field for sapphire crystal growth by kyropoulos method

Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd. is one largest enterprise jointing the self R&D, producing, sales (Export) together of rare oxide composite ceramic products. It was estabulished in May, 2011, and located in Shiqiao Industry Zone, Goutang Town, Xinmi City, Henan, China. Now the company has been awarded for "High-New Technology Enterprise in Henan Province". 

Our main products are : different qualities of the longer working hours Zirconia Ceramic Tundish Metering Nozzle, Zirconia Ceramic Tundish Exchangable Nozzle, Zirconia Insert, Zirconia Bore, etc. mainly used in the continuous casting of steel billets and steel ingots.Zirconia atomizing nozzle for amorphous alloys, metal AL, CU, amorphous alloy powder industries.

Our newest mass production product- super long working life rare oxide composite solid solution thermal field for artificial crystal (Sapphire, laser) crystal grower by kyropoulos method is continuous R&D by ourselves for over 4 years, and it has obviously super long working life, save anergy about 40-45%. And it has been used in Russia already, ang got the excellent effect. 

Advanced advantages of our Super Long working life thermal Field for sapphire crystal growth by kyropoulos method.

1.Break through the bottlene of large-size sapphire single crystal growth technology,raise the int'l competitive power of our upstream technology in artificial crystal Civil field.

2.Replace traditional W-Mo thermal field,save energy consumption 40%-45%, from power and metal consumption aspects,greatly reduced single crystal growth cost of large-size sapphire crystal.Example for 120kg grade, can save power consumption 40-45%.

3.Integrated innovate process route of rare-earth composite oxide material and product,break through traditional oxide working application and performance.

4.Under this new normal, response our nation adjusting industrial upgrading steady growth,promote reform, structural adjustment policy,catch transformation and upgrading of new opportunities for the development of innovative effects,oriented by market demand,increase the intensity of independent innovation,R&D new technology, new products,Promote the transformation process of new material industry, give full play to the technology advantages, Integrated innovation of oxide composites, make a decisive contribution on developing the advanced materials in the wider application. Big- size artificial crystal equipment and extreme environment, super high-temp. structural ceramic technology is clearly stated to make urgent breakthroughs in key areas as key technology in the new material catalog of our national 13th Five-Year Plan.

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Application range

single crystal growth furnace of ultra high-temperature synthetic crystal (sapphire crystal, laser crystal).

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